Join Us as We Prepare for the 2021 Election

Greens are preparing for the 2021 election by transforming the Green Party of Canada and connecting with Canadians. By electing Greens to the House of Commons, Canadians can hold our government to account and change the course of our country. Please join us and make a difference by getting involved in the 2021 campaign.

Canadians care deeply about solving the climate emergency and the pandemic. We care about ending mass species extinction and achieving social justice. We want effective leaders who keep their promises and act on the best scientific evidence. We really want our politicians to put aside their partisan self-interest and put the public interest first.

Here’s how the Greens are building toward the 2021 election.

  • We are building competence in our party and here’s the proof: we’ve won 17 seats in provincial legislatures and in the House of Commons in Ottawa.
  • We have a new leader, Annamie Paul, who personifies a deep commitment to social justice and a broad vision of diversity where all are welcome and included.
  • We are recruiting excellent candidates to run in the 2021. If you are interested in running for the Greens in Esquimalt-Saanich-Sooke, please email
  • We know that, in ridings like Esquimalt-Saanich-Sooke where came a close second with 26% of the vote in 2019, we can and we will win next time.

To succeed, we will implement a national election plan based on Green values – a plan to empower grassroots members, to build our riding associations, and to win seats. We will recruit excellent candidates who can win.

So please get involved in the 2021 campaign. Let’s work together to transform the Green Party, win seats, hold our government to account, and ensure Canada becomes a moral leader once again. If Canada leads by example, we can change the course of our planet.



David Merner

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