A Transformative Leader at a Critical Time

What an exciting leadership race! With such diverse candidates, it’s been a compelling journey. We are looking forward to building on the energy from the leadership race and transforming the Green Party of Canada into an effective force in Canadian politics.

Over the last ten months, we’ve heard a lot about the things that unite us, like saving human civilization from the climate emergency, ending mass species extinction, social justice, and evidence-based policy. We also heard about things that divide us, like the Middle East and ideological and identity-based politics. We were very glad to hear so much thoughtful discussion about Green values, particularly the need for Greens to defend a broad vision of diversity where all are welcome and included.

Good campaigns are about values. As members of David’s team, we live by Green values every day and we’ve watched David stick to those values throughout the campaign. We’ve also seen Greens acting in ways that are not consistent with our values, including false polls and social media attacks.

This is why we believe David is the best choice to be Leader of the Green Party of Canada. He respects each of our Green values, and he will be a leader for all Greens.


  • Is the only leadership candidate who has personally helped Greens to win seats from the Atlantic to the Pacific, in both official languages.
  • Has dedicated his professional life to social justice, particularly through his work transforming the Canadian justice system so it works for people, not just lawyers and judges.
  • Is the only candidate who ran in 2019 who can win his seat in the next election. He came in a close second with 26% of the vote in 2019. He can, and will, win next time.
  • Has a plan based on Green values – a plan to empower grassroots members, to build our riding associations, and to win seats. Then, we can hold the government to account, so it finally addresses the climate emergency.

Let’s elect a leader who listens to grassroots Greens. A leader who is glad to share power. A leader who will empower members and grow our party from the ground up. A leader who has demonstrated that he knows how to reach out across the country to members, riding associations, and Young Greens.

David Merner has the plan to get us there. Let’s unite behind him and make it happen.

Please put David at the top of your ballot.

Then, after the vote, let’s work together to transform our party, win seats, hold our government to account, and ensure Canada becomes a moral leader once again. If Canada leads by example, we can change the course of our planet.

David Merner’s Campaign Team

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