Meet David

As a husband, father to four daughters, and a long-term community volunteer, David understands the importance of commitment, hard work, and fun.

As a graduate of Harvard, the University of Alberta, Oxford, and the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Law, he understands the importance of clear thinking, listening to others, and diversity of opinion.

As legal counsel at the Department of Justice and the Privy Council Office in Ottawa, and as an architect of the transformation of British Columbia’s justice system into one of the most innovative in the world, David knows how government can work, and sometimes doesn’t work, for Canadians

Thanks to his experience as a volunteer at The Land Conservancy of B.C., the Habitat Acquisition Trust, and Fair Vote Canada, his service abroad as an election observer in Haiti and Ukraine, and his volunteer work as a grassroots political organizer, David understands the power and importance of democracy, grassroots organization, and political action.

David also understands the current Liberal government and why it puts winning power ahead of keeping campaign promises. He volunteered for the federal Liberals for years and ran as a candidate in 2015, but the federal Liberals broke campaign promise after promise so he joined the Green Party of Canada.

David believes that there IS a place in Canadian politics for ethics, collaboration, and evidence-based policy. From issues like proportional representation, to improving the lives of Indigenous peoples, to making Canada’s economy a thriving green example for the world, David is deeply committed to holding our government accountable.

Residents of Esquimalt-Saanich-Sooke understand that science-based solutions are essential to solving the pandemic and the climate emergency. We believe that social justice is critical to the future of our country and the gap between rich and poor cannot continue to grow. We understand the difference between fine words and effective action.  In 2021, let’s  elect a Green member of Parliament.

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Indigenous Advisors Circle

Indigenous Advisors Circle

A sustainable future goes hand in hand with a just future. Canada prides itself on being a just nation, that honours the rule of law and opportunity for all.

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