David Merner: A leader for all Greens

A Leader for All Greens

Greens are now voting for the new leader. This coming Saturday we will know the results of our leadership contest. I ask you for your vote. I also ask that you reach out to Greens across Canada and encourage them to vote. Please invite them to call my cell phone at (250) 514-5507 if they have any questions.  

For the Green Party to lead deep change in Canada, we need a leader who understands politics and government. We need a leader with deep experience in leading transformational change. And we need a leader who understands the Green party, and how to build it from the ground up.

This will require deep change inside our party. The heart of the Green Party lies in our volunteers and riding associations. Together, we must build 338 riding associations that are active between elections.

Let’s get the basics right, year in and year out, by connecting with our communities and allies, knocking on doors, making phone calls, raising funds, and — especially — listening carefully to our neighbours’ hopes and concerns. To get this work done, we need a leader who loves it, understands its importance, and leads by example.

If you believe that we need that kind of leader, please rank me #1 on your ranked ballot. I will work hard every day to earn your trust and the trust of Canadians. Then, together, let’s turn the Green Party into a real political force in Canada, so Canada can once again lead the world, and change the course of our planet.

David Merner
Cell: (250) 514-5507 

PS.  To volunteer or donate in these final days, please go to davidmerner.com.  Saturday is our finish line. No matter how small your donation or how little time you can volunteer, I would be hugely grateful for your contributions – they all add up!