A Plan for Transforming the Green Party

This week we announced our plan to rebuild the Green Party from the ground up. Thank you to everyone on our communications and policy teams who worked so hard to pull together our plan. It reflects the comments and ideas I heard as I crossed Canada in February and March, as well as in August and September.

Based on that feedback, I’m making a public pledge to all members of the Green Party:

I pledge to be the grassroots Leader that the Green Party needs at this critical time in our party’s history. We need a builder and a uniter – a leader who respects the wishes of Party members and who is willing to share power. We need a person who will lead by example and walk the Green Party talk with integrity. A leader who will empower members, riding associations, and local campaigns is essential to building our Party.  A leader who will unite our Party and focus on electing a strong Green caucus to Parliament — without compromising our values — is the kind of leader who can bring about the deep changes Canadians want and our planet needs.

 Click here to view My Plan

Please share my Plan to transform the Green Party of Canada with your Green friends and family. Please encourage them to call me anytime with comments and feedback. My cell number is 250 514 5507. Voting ends Saturday, October 3rd.