David Merner: Doing politics differently

David Merner: Doing politics differently

Please rank me number 1 on your ballot to elect a leader who is committed to doing politics differently, a leader who will take the high road and resist the temptation to ‘go negative’, even at the end of a long leadership campaign. 

Yesterday, a 91 year old Green member called me on my cell phone and said: “You need to do two things when you win.”  I asked “what are the two things?” She said: “Tell the truth. And make time for your family.” 

When Greens tell the truth, stay positive, and stick to our values, Canadians can see that we are different from the other parties. I campaigned for Mike Schreiner, the Green leader in Ontario, during his historic win in 2018. Mike demonstrates every day how to do politics differently. He takes a positive, “glass half-full” approach to the things that divide us. He has shown that we can win by taking the high road. 

When political campaigns become heated, they can descend into falsehoods, name calling, and back room games – this is not the Green way. We need to show Canadians every day that we are a competent party, we stay true to our values, and Canadians can trust us.

By making me your first choice on your ballot, you will be choosing a leader who is committed to doing politics differently – a leader who believes in telling the truth and sticking to Green values in everything we do. 

Please rank me number one if you believe in doing politics differently.



David Merner
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