David Merner: A grassroots leader for a grassroots party

A grassroots leader for a grassroots party

We have until Saturday to vote for the next leader of the Green Party of Canada. I hope I can count on you to rank me as #1 on your ballot.

Our six core values and evidence-based policy are fundamental to the Green Party. That’s why we have the best policy to solve climate change and prevent future pandemics. The next step is to communicate our policies to Canadians in a credible, understandable way.

We need a leader with listening skills, the ability to relate to people from all walks of life, the desire to hear peoples’ concerns, and a commitment to clear communication in both official languages.

As the only leadership candidate to visit small and large communities from BC to Quebec twice during the leadership campaign, I listened to Young Greens in campus clubs and heard from former candidates and campaign managers in both official languages. 

And, I heard a lot!  Greens want hope. We want deep change in our party and in Canada. 

We want to be safe, we want our families to be healthy, and we want our children to have a secure future. We want to know we can put food on the table and that our children will have equal opportunity to get a good education. Canadians feel the same way. 

The Green Party needs a leader who listens, then grows our party. We need a leader who can connect with Canadians from coast to coast to coast. We also need a leader who can win their seat and who understands the party, having run for us at least once. We need leader who is ready to get elected right now—because parliament can fall anytime in a minority government. 

Please rank me number one on your ballot. Let’s elect a leader who can lead the Green Party to official party status and beyond. Let’s do it together! 

David Merner
(250) 514-5507

PS. No donation is too small and no volunteering time is too short. If you are able to contribute in any way, please go to davidmerner.com. Thank you in advance!