Campaigning the Green Way

Campaigning the Green Way

Guest blog by Eric Sizer, Campaign Manager

Hi, I’m Eric Sizer, David Merner’s campaign manager. The Green Party leadership contest has been a tremendous experience so far for everyone on David’s campaign team. Greens from all across the country and from all walks of life are joining David’s campaign because they can see he has what it takes to bring our party together and put our best foot forward at election time.

One of the important things we agreed on from the start was that we wanted to run a very Green leadership campaign. For example, to offset David’s travel we’re going to plant trees in every Canadian province and territory. I’m also very proud of the way we’ve built collaborative working teams across Canada. We’ve developed policy papers, campaign Information Systems, bilingual communications material, and outreach strategies to engage Greens from coast to coast to coast.

And, even though we received the home addresses of all Green Party members, we decided from the outset to only use electronic forms of communication, because cutting down trees and burning up carbon for large scale paper mailouts is not very Green.

Our team is also using the leadership campaign to test out new ideas and train new volunteers on how to campaign online. The money David’s campaign is raising has gone into systems, such as our CallHub phone system, that empower our volunteers so everyone’s time is well spent.

There’s no doubt coronavirus has made this campaign more difficult than most, but despite these challenges, the David Merner campaign is following the Green Way. By staying true to our values and walking-our-talk, we’re going to lead by example and ultimately win more seats in Parliament.

If this is important to you, please join us in helping to elect David Merner as the new leader of the Green Party of Canada. We have less than one month to go and now is the time to recruit your family, friends, and neighbours to volunteer and to donate!  Let’s change the Green Party and Canadian politics electing a leader who will enable us all to move forward together!