Vote David Merner for Electoral Reform

Vote David Merner for Electoral Reform

We have one day left to vote for the next leader of the Green Party of Canada. Voting ends on Saturday at 3:30 pm Pacific / 6:30 pm Eastern.

Please rank me number 1 on your ballot, if you want deep change in our party and our country, if you want a leader who has stuck to Green values throughout this leadership race, and if you believe we must shift our politics from confrontation to cooperation – both inside and outside our party. 

Since university, I’ve been committed to changing the way we vote from First Past the Post to a more fair, unifying electoral system that allows for a diversity of voices in Parliament. Last month, Fair Vote Canada assessed all the Green Party leadership candidates and awarded me its top “A” ranking.

Remember the famous Liberal broken promise: “2015 will be the last First Past the Post Election”? I am personally committed to holding the Liberals accountable and working hard for a different kind of politics — a politics of ethics and integrity, where politicians in Ottawa can’t get away with saying one thing during election campaigns then doing the opposite in government. 

By making me your first choice on your ballot, you will be choosing a leader who has personal experience in leading deep change, who understands the need for change and who will stick to Green values. 



David Merner
(250) 514-5507

PS. No donation is too small and no volunteering time is too short. If you are able to contribute in any way, please go to and click on “Donate” or “Volunteer”! Thank you in advance.

PPS. If you did not receive your ballot by email this past Saturday at 9 am Pacific / noon Eastern, please call 1-866-868-3447 immediately or contact our team: