David Merner, Green Party leadership candidate

WE Charity Controversy: A reminder of the importance of Green values and principles

I joined the Green Party because of its commitment to transparency, accountability, and ethics. Our commitment to evidence-based decision-making, participatory democracy, cooperation, and positive politics are hugely important. These values bind Greens together, in our leadership race, across Canada, and around the world.

These values are especially important as the Ethics Commissioner launches another conflict of interest investigation in Ottawa. We will learn later this year whether the Prime Minister has broken the law by participating in a decision that essentially awarded a sole source $43.53 million contract to the We charity. Both the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister apologized this week for participating in that decision. 

Sadly, due to this scandal, students willing to volunteer for good causes during the pandemic are now facing huge delays in receiving support promised by the government.

And all of this is a reminder that it’s very important for the Green Party and for our leadership campaign to stay true to our core values. Let’s continue to “Walk the Talk” every day. I am deeply committed to returning power to the Green Party grassroots, to evidence-based decision-making, and to ensuring that ethics and integrity guide us.

Canadians are looking for leaders who lead by example. We are looking for a party of integrity. Thank you to everyone on our campaign who is leading by example and modelling integrity. If all the leadership candidates put Green values first, we will all move forward together as a united party at the end of our leadership race.