Solutions to the Climate Emergency

Solutions to the Climate Emergency

Download my full climate action plan (pdf – English) or soluciones a la emergencia climática en español (pdf). For français, click “FR” in the upper right corner of your screen.

We are standing at a precipice and face a clear choice: step into the climate emergency void or change course. Together, let’s change course.

To steer government onto a new course, the Green Party of Canada must become a credible force in Canadian politics and win seats in the House of Commons. We must require government to transition our society off fossil fuels and onto renewable energy, without leaving anyone behind. We must set our economy on a new, sustainable course. And we must address the causes of the pandemic, as well as prepare for future pandemics.

Top Three Priorities

1. Action now. Solving the climate emergency is the GPC’s top priority. Our key solution in any negotiation over power sharing with a minority government should be a Climate Emergency Action Plan that sets specific targets and timelines, as well as provision for monitoring and enforcement. Our key targets are: 60% reduction in GHG emissions by 2030, 85% reduction by 2040, and carbon neutrality by 2050. Failure to deliver on those targets and timelines will result in the GPC pulling the plug on a minority government.

2. Sustainable economy. To reach these targets and to jump start our economy, let’s launch and complete
the largest job creation project in Canadian history – even larger than the transcontinental railway in the
1800s. Let’s move our economy off fossil fuels and onto renewables by:

(a) building an east-west-north-south electrical grid to transport renewable energy.

(b) investing in local renewable energy projects to power households, communities, and the grid. The solar, wind, geothermal, and run of river hydro technologies exist now. All that’s lacking is the political will to require that every household and community must be able to put excess energy back into the grid.

(c) leaving no one behind as we make this transition,through a Guaranteed Livable Income and free tuition for trade school, college, and university.

3. Pandemic prevention. More pandemics are coming unless we restore wildlife habitat to prevent contact between humans and wild animals, while also reducing species loss. Let’s decrease reliance on high density livestock production and processing. Let’s prepare now for the next pandemic.

The stakes could not be higher. The future of all species, including humans, requires that we take action. Let’s make these three steps a priority and transition into a sustainable society living in balance with nature. And it all starts by electing a strong Green caucus to parliament so, together, Canadians can change the course of our country and our planet.

Download my full climate action plan in English (pdf), or soluciones a la emergencia climática en español (pdf).