Supporting David

Meet David’s Supporters

Eric Desrochers

I met David when I was sent to work on his riding campaign by the Green Party for the 2019 election. I was immediately impressed with how genuine and caring he was. I’ve worked with too many politicians who are in it for the wrong reasons – it was refreshing to see someone in it for the right reasons. He listens, wants everyone to be involved, and his message of unity, progress and ethics resonated with me. I firmly believe David is the best option to be the next leader of the Green Party.

Amanda Rosenstock

Amanda Rosenstock

I believe that David is a unifying force within the Green Party. As an Alberta native, I know that David understands and is committed to addressing the challenges faced by the Prairies in transitioning justly to the green economy of the future.

James O'Grady

James O’Grady, Nepean

David Merner has impressed me with his knowledge of the issues facing Canada and the Green Party of Canada. He has a real plan. He understands that we must rebuild the grassroots of the party and strengthen our ability to compete all across the country, if we are to elect more Green MPs to parliament. We must achieve party status in order to wield more influence in parliament. David Merner has done it before and I trust him to bring about the transformational change Canadians are looking for.

– Former GPO candidate Nepean, 2018
– Former Director of Campaign Communications, GPO 2007
– Former Communications Manager, David Chernushenko GPC leadership campaign, 2006.

Blair Robertson

I was a part of the ‘Paint the Island Green’ internship with David on Vancouver Island. It was my first experience in an actual campaign, and I was able to see first hand how driven, focused, and intelligent David is as a candidate. It was a clear choice for me when it came to deciding who I wanted to help become the next Leader of the GPC.

Corrina Sedera

I was disillusioned with the party for a long time. When I found out there was a leadership race on, and that a candidate with the potential to reunite the party was running, I renewed my membership and agreed to volunteer on his campaign. David’s vision for the party, leadership style and ability to truly listen to all, regardless of age, race, or gender, is what drew me back into the party.


Evelyn Tanaka

David is a very compassionate leader and is good at listening to different perspectives and offering his knowledge. He takes the time to get to know individual Greens across the country and values everyone’s skills, talents, and contribution. He is committed to justice and centres the voices of marginalized Canadians in everything he does. I am confident that David will be the most ethical leader of the Green Party of Canada.


Nick Dickinson-Wilde

Was considering it, but hadn’t yet taken the step of getting involved when David asked me. As to why I said yes, well my pragmatic side says he will win his seat next election, and that’s a major bonus. I also have a sufficient degree of policy alignment to be comfortable backing him, but really the cincher that made my decision easy is David’s *constant* support, raising up and congratulations to everyone including his competitors in this race.

Sylvie Lemieux

I trust that David is the authentic leader that the Greens need to sustain their needed engagement while facing the complex pressures that are dividing Canada and dividing Canadians on how to share our world resources and protect the planet. David is the experienced pragmatist idealist to rally the Greens, increase its membership and continue to build credibility of the Green voice in Canada’s internal and external affairs. He’s pragmatic in understanding the realities of our giant neighbour to the South, the global human security issues and the righteous need to balance national values and economic constraints. He’s an idealist in nurturing hope, empowering youth and trusting that unity and a better world are possible. His experience as a dad, a defender of human rights and a politically engaged citizen are bound to sustain his enthusiasm and dedication to win this leadership race, his riding and proudly represent the Greens in Ottawa.

I’m voting for David


Ralph Martin

David Merner is the inclusive, fluently bilingual and joyful campaigner that I am pleased to support for the GPC leadership.


Martin Gendron

David is a great leader. He has the experience and drive needed to lead the GPC. He is a great role model for young Canadians. He is bilingual and can communicate effectively in both languages.

Maia Knight

I chose to volunteer for David’s campaign because I truly believe that he is the best candidate to lead the party. I think his ideas about supporting the party at a grassroots level by empowering volunteers on the ground are what the party needs. Most importantly, David inspires me with his vision and he is not afraid to create space for others to lead as well. He truly walks the walk

Karl Maier

He is the best person to unite the diversity of GPC supporters and position the party for serious gains in the next election.

Greg Taylor

I believe David is the best qualified candidate to lead the party. I support him based on his professional background, political experience, bilingualism, ability to unite the party, and probability of being elected over the short term.


Brock Grills

Brock fully endorses David because of his commitment to grassroots democracy, climate action and untity within the GPC. David doesn’t surround himself with “Red Tape” if you want to talk to David you can pick up the phone and call him – this is the approachability we need in a leader!

Devan Munn

I believe David has the widest range of skills, and best policies to lead the Greens and empower others in every riding across Canada. I can tell he is truly passionate about good public policy and the well being of all Canadians.

Jean-Claude Bourque

Jean-Claude Bourque

I support David Merner because he is dynamic, intelligent, down to earth and fully bilingual. It is important, being Acadian from the only officially bilingual province (New Brunswick), to have a bilingual Leader at the federal level. DAVID FOR LEADER.