Evelyn Tanaka: My final thoughts on GPC leadership race

Evelyn Tanaka: My final thoughts on GPC leadership race

Guest blog by Evelyn Tanaka, Deputy Leader Green Party of Alberta

It has been a very long 10 months from when Elizabeth May stepped down as Leader of the Greens till now as members are getting ready to vote for the new Leader.

We have seen some exciting, diverse, and talented candidates step up and throw their hat in the ring. We’ve seen some candidates taken off the ballot and another who stepped down. There’s been countless Zoom meet and greets, debates, forums, in-person events, fund raisers, parties, and more.

We’ve seen some dirty old style politics, misleading information and polls, questionable tactics, terrible racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, and ageism. We are more divided and polarized than ever before.

Greens have a big decision to make that will affect the future of our party and our political future within Canada.

Ask yourself the following:

  • Who has the skills to empower Greens from coast to coast?
  • Who has the experience to fix the systemic problems within the GPC?
  • Who has the ability to listen to and unite all Greens?
  • Who would govern the party with transparency and integrity?
  • Who do you trust?

The answer is clear for me. I urge you to place David Merner #1 on your ballot if you share in our vision for the Green Party of Canada.

Evelyn Tanaka
Candidate of Record, Calgary-Shepard
Deputy Leader of the Green Party of Alberta